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Abuses of Power: Ray Rice and the Racist Media

Ray Rice is an abuser and woman beater. This is a fact. I believe his “punishment” to be far too light and his recent public statement lacking much in contrition, humility and accountability. I am afraid for Janay Rice. Based on what I observed in the press conference regarding Ray Rice’s behaviour and through my … Continue reading

D-Day and the Case For Reparations

As I observed activity on social media and coverage on television regarding the commemoration and remembrance of D-Day I noticed that something was missing and it was the faces of African-American GI’s who fought in World War II. A quick Google search of African-American GI’s and D-Day revealed one recent article from a French news … Continue reading

DeSean Jackson: Made In America

The allegations of “gang affiliation” surrounding former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson reflects the NFL and the nation’s lack of understanding regarding the dynamics at work in its inner cities and its lack of ownership of that. The “gang” problem is not just an “inner city problem” or a by product of the oft … Continue reading

Kanye West: The Higher Learning of the College Dropout

When Kanye West was ten years he old he spent a year in China due to his mother’s participation in an exchange program that enabled her to teach at Nanjing University. For a young person of colour from the inner city of Chicago one cannot being to fathom the effect that this trip had on the … Continue reading

White Supremacy Is A Silent Serial Killer

I read an article this morning regarding the autopsy of Renisha McBride. It stated that she was shot in the face and not the back of the head as originally reported. I’m not sure how much more comfort that gives anyone to know this fact because the end result is that she is still dead … Continue reading

Renisha McBride and the American Gun Slinger

Renisha McBride’s murder, in that she was shot down like a dog at the hands of another god’s rights, protect my property, gun and home owner fits perfectly with the frontier mentality of America. A mentality that is rooted in the mythology of the American West and sits at the heart of American racism influencing … Continue reading

Banana Throwing, “Name Calling” and Denial of Service in a Wacky Post Racial World

NFL football player Riley Cooper gets on caught on camera at a country music concert, a place by and large devoid of black people yelling “I’ll fight any nigger in here”. He later apologises for his actions taking “full responsibility” punctuated with a statement to remind us that it’s not the person he is or … Continue reading

Obama: Black Paternalism and the Passive Revolution

“The greatest principle of all is that nobody, male or female, should be without a leader. Nor should the mind of anybody be habituated to letting him do anything at all on his own initiative; neither out of zeal, nor even playfully. But in war and in the midst of peace—to his leader he shall … Continue reading

Django: Black Jesus Unchained

There has been much critique and controversy surrounding the new Quentin Tarantino movie “Django Unchained”. In particular I keep coming across a consistent critique on the depictions of violence throughout the movie. While cinematic violence is a topic worthy of debate within American cinema I find a certain sense of irony that this critique is being … Continue reading

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