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The Dissonance of “Bring Back Our Girls” and African American Pain

How is it that nations that show little regard for the Black lives in their own countries, with next to no coverage for missing black children, prisons packed to the rafters with Black bodies, Black children living significantly under the poverty line in comparison to their white counterparts, can be so invested in the lives … Continue reading

White Supremacy Is A Silent Serial Killer

I read an article this morning regarding the autopsy of Renisha McBride. It stated that she was shot in the face and not the back of the head as originally reported. I’m not sure how much more comfort that gives anyone to know this fact because the end result is that she is still dead … Continue reading

Renisha McBride and the American Gun Slinger

Renisha McBride’s murder, in that she was shot down like a dog at the hands of another god’s rights, protect my property, gun and home owner fits perfectly with the frontier mentality of America. A mentality that is rooted in the mythology of the American West and sits at the heart of American racism influencing … Continue reading

Banana Throwing, “Name Calling” and Denial of Service in a Wacky Post Racial World

NFL football player Riley Cooper gets on caught on camera at a country music concert, a place by and large devoid of black people yelling “I’ll fight any nigger in here”. He later apologises for his actions taking “full responsibility” punctuated with a statement to remind us that it’s not the person he is or … Continue reading

Trayvon Martin: A Lamentation

For these things I weep My eye, my eye overflows with water ; Because the comforter, who should restore my life. Is far from me My children are desolate Because the enemy has prevailed Lamentations 1:16 I wanted to write something about today’s events but words escape me. I feel distantly far from that which … Continue reading

Racism: Constant Talking Isn’t Necessarily Communication

There is an age old conversation taking place in America. The conversation, whether asked directly or indirectly centers on this most volatile of topics and question. Racism and “Are you a racist?” I feel this frame of questioning is almost mute at this point because the answer doesn’t really answer the question. Racism exists whether … Continue reading

Django: Black Jesus Unchained

There has been much critique and controversy surrounding the new Quentin Tarantino movie “Django Unchained”. In particular I keep coming across a consistent critique on the depictions of violence throughout the movie. While cinematic violence is a topic worthy of debate within American cinema I find a certain sense of irony that this critique is being … Continue reading

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