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Star Wars: Lupita Nyongo and Hollywood’s Problem with Black Women”

This recent article in Entertainment Weekly should be called “Hollywood’s problem with Lupita Nyongo and Black women”. Casting is important to any film but in terms of the film’s profit, Star Wars might be the only franchise where casting doesn’t matter because regardless of who you cast, the film is going to do numbers. The … Continue reading

No Place for Black Anger in the United States of Segregated Emotions

It’s been less than 48 hours since the terrorist attack in South Carolina by the now arrested perpetrator known as Dylann Roof and the victims have already proclaimed their forgiveness and mercy on his eternal soul as released in their public statement here. Their response exemplifies humanity at it’s best and one can only hope … Continue reading

It Ain’t About the Evidence: Eric Garner, John Crawford, Mike Brown

A Stanford study conducted earlier this year about Black over representation in the nation’s prisons (Af-Am’s make up 12% of the national population but 40% of the prison population) found that “When white people were told about these racial disparities, they reported being more afraid of crime and more likely to support the kinds of … Continue reading

Reflection: It’s Time for Q and A to Debate Itself

In 2007, a filmmaker named Greg Whitely made a documentary called “Resolved” that centred on high school debate. A film that could otherwise have been a some what boring exposition on the world of debate exposed the complex racial and class bias inherent in American education and the debating world via two of its main … Continue reading

Abuses of Power: Ray Rice and the Racist Media

Ray Rice is an abuser and woman beater. This is a fact. I believe his “punishment” to be far too light and his recent public statement lacking much in contrition, humility and accountability. I am afraid for Janay Rice. Based on what I observed in the press conference regarding Ray Rice’s behaviour and through my … Continue reading

Racist Coffee Shop Owners, Tony Abbott and the Court of Public Opinion

Last month Steven He, the owner of a cafe in Sydney, Australia reportedly told an applicant for a vacant barista position, an Afro-Brasilian man and Australian citizen named Nilson Dos Stantos, that he couldn’t hire him for the job because “My customers are white. I don’t think they’d like to have their coffee made by … Continue reading

The “Positive” Tension of Confrontation is Better Than the Negative Peace of an Illusory Democracy

Events in Baltimore reveal the negative peace & fallacious “democracy” that exists across AmeriKKKa. While developments in Baltimore are both disturbing & sickening, it is “positive” in that it exposes the rotten underbelly of American racism & systemic white supremacy that posits itself as just, equal & democratic. How long must African Americans suffer in … Continue reading

D-Day and the Case For Reparations

As I observed activity on social media and coverage on television regarding the commemoration and remembrance of D-Day I noticed that something was missing and it was the faces of African-American GI’s who fought in World War II. A quick Google search of African-American GI’s and D-Day revealed one recent article from a French news … Continue reading

Ta-Nehisi Coates, White Supremacy and African American Stockholm Syndrome

While watching Ta-Nehisi Coates’s recent interview on Bill Moyers discussing his recently published and much discussed piece in “The Atlantic” regarding American slavery and reparations, he made a comment at around the 17 minute mark that caught my ear: “White Supremacy is something we ALL have to reconcile with”. Ta-Nehisi Coates then went on to … Continue reading

Halloween and the American Horror Story

The lead up to Halloween this year has been interesting to say the least. Besides it being a time for children to dress up and trick or treat the night away for candy it has also been an interesting examination of the social politics of race as it exists in America. More than any other … Continue reading

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